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Leasing or Long Term Rent is the main B2B service offered by iRent.


iRent Leasing - Company Cars

Leasing is the only efficient solution for company cars.


One all inclusive monthly payment. Manageable and predictable at any time.

Most importantly, the comfort that gives the idea of having transportation solved for your company.


In financial terms Leasing represents one monthly invoice inclusive of all transportation costs.

In logistical terms Leasing represents the replacement of an entire transportation department.


iRent Leasing contracts work as below:

1. You pick the car and monthly plan.

2. We solve everything else.


iRent Leasing on Paper:

- Use of the Vehicle in Albania and Abroad

- Full Insurance (TPL + Casco)

- Periodic Servicing

- Replacement Vehicle

- 24 Hour Assistance

- Taxes and Inspection

- VAT (20%)


iRent Leasing in Practice:

- Vehicles with desired monthly plan 12, 24, 36 or 48 months

- Management and solving of vehicle registration and plates

- Management and solving of vehicle annual taxes and inspection

- Management and solving of accidents and procedures with Police

- Management and solving of mechanical problems on site

- Management and solving of periodical servicing

- Replacement vehicle for any case

- 24 Hour On Site Assistance

- Official Invoice with VAT every month

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