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Terms and Conditions

The basic rental conditions displayed below apply to all clients.

For the full terms and conditions please contact iRent.

How to Rent a Vehicle

- Provide Documents  (Passport and Driverís License)

- Make Payment (Cash or by Credit / Debit Card)

- Leave Security Deposit (Cash + Passport or by Credit / Debit Card)

- Pick-up and Use Vehicle (With CARE, as if it was YOURS)


Rental Includes

-  Use of the Vehicle (Albania and Abroad)

-  Full Insurance (TPL and Casco)

-  Unlimited Mileage

-  24 Hour Assistance

-  Taxes and VAT (20%)


Rental Does NOT Include

-  Fuel

-  Tickets / Fines

-  Green Card Insurance



To rent a vehicle, every client must present:

-  Passport and,

-  Driverís License


Rental Payment

Rental payment must be made in full in advance at the moment that the vehicle is rented.

Payment can be made by:

-  Cash or,

-  Credit / Debit Card


Security Deposit

To rent a vehicle, every client must leave a security deposit until the rented vehicle is returned.

The security deposit depends on the vehicle and starts from Ä 250.

The deposit can be made by:

-  Cash + Passport or,

-  Credit / Debit Card

Only Passports serve as security in cases when clients do not have a credit/debit card.

No other document of any kind is accepted.


Basic Terms

Daily Rental: 24 hours.

Late Returns: 1 hour free. After 1 hour at 1/4 of daily rent each hour. After 4 hours 1 extra day is charged.

Fuel: The vehicle will be rented with fuel and must be returned at the same level.

Cleanliness: The vehicle will be rented washed inside and out and must be returned washed.

Travel Outside Albania: Clients must buy Green Card insurance at the border.

Pick-up / Return After Hours: Free.

Pick-up / Return at the Airport: Free.

Additional Drivers: Free.

Child Seats: Free.

Snow Chains: Free.



For more information on our terms please contact us at our numbers or write us at irentalbania@gmail.com.

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